Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

2      Established in 1997, the Centre for European Studies at GDUFS is primarily engaged in the study of EU culture, trade, legislation, politics and diplomacy. In 2005 the Centre successfully applied for a grant project “Formulation and Implementation of the EU Economic Policies and Laws: Conflicts and Coordination” supported by the EU-China European Studies Centres Programme. In 2009, the Centre became a pioneering center in China and for the first time enrolled 17 postgraduates majoring in European Studies, who were supervised by a team of eight professors of the university. In 2013, four doctoral students were enrolled at the Centre. Five core courses for MA and PhD students have been developed by the Centre. Over a decade of development, the Centre has achieved its overall objectives to enhance the teaching and research on the European Integration and to promote the knowledge of the European Union in China.

     According to the contract signed with the Higher Education Press in Beijing, 18 monographs on the study of European Integration, written by the key teaching staff and researchers, are to be published. So far ten of them have been published and the rest will be published in 2014 and the year after.

    The Centre has established closer relations with the enterprises and other European Studies’ institutions to carry out consulting services for economic and social development. The Centre also has invested more enthusiasm in European Integration study to strengthen the Sino-EU exchanges and cooperation.