About the Jean Monnet Chair Programme (JMCP) for Postdoctoral Studies at Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski

       The Jean Monnet Chair Programme (JMCP) for Postdoctoral Studies is the international postdoctoral programme in the Social Sciences and Humanities as part of the Jean Monnet Network on European Identity, Culture, Exchanges and Multilingualism at Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski. It offers 5-6 postdoctoral positions to suitably qualified researchers from anywhere in the world who work in or across the relevant disciplines of the JMCP (Economics, History, Law and Social and Political Sciences and their subfields).The working language of the Programme is English.

      The aim of the JMCP is to provide Fellows with the experience of membership of a vibrant academic community of the Jean Monnet Network partners, to which they can make a central contribution. It is unique for Sofia University in offering a structured Programme of specialized studies covering all aspects of an academic career, including support for academic writing in English, the opportunity to teach and conduct seminars in the University international BA and MA programmes, to develop a strategy for a successful approach to the academic labour market and an opportunity for publications in international journals and Network working papers.

      The Programme also organizes each year a series of Lectures bringing to the JMCP community prestigious scholars from around the world and across disciplines. The postdoctoral scholars are assessed every six months with recommendations concerning their overall performance and proposal for continuation of the affiliation to the JMCP.

      The Programme is located at the University of Sofia and is open to scholars from anywhere in the world (not just nationals of an EU Member State) who have received a doctorate in economics, law, history, social and political sciences, the humanities, or a related field, within the past 5 years. The main topics for the next two academic years are of postdoctoral specialized studies are: European identity, Identities and Democracy, Doctorate studies in Europe (international study of processes and outcomes in the EU and beyond), Identities in urban contexts: the European multilingual city and EU and its Eastern neighbourhood: the contradictions of Europeanisation and a European identity.

The JMCP Director is Prof. Maria Stoicheva, Jean Monnet Chair.

Email: stojchevap@phls.uni-sofia.bg