Research Strand 3: “Identities in Urban Contexts: the European multilingual city”

Meeting and seminar 2,  Dublin 21-22 September 2015

At this meeting we made some good progress in two areas:

  • The State if the Art Report
  • The Q research to be carried out in 2016.



We now have an overview of the state of the art report.   This is available as a powerpoint presentation. At the meeting further work was done searching for relevant articles and publications, and beginning to sort them into manageable and relevant categories.


Following the initial discussions in Sofia, the group discussed the overall approach in much more detail with Professor LoBianco in Melbourne (by Skype),   Before the meeting  colleagues in Dublin and Sofia had compiled statements about languages in the city from a range of sources.  This gave us some 80 statements, but it is recommended that before the sorting process can take place, rather more are needed (perhaps 120), especially as we will be working with interviewees in 3 cities in different countries and it is agreed that some of the statements will need to be country specific. In a working session we accessed more statements and the task was then set to compete and classify the statements before December.

We also confirmed that our target group would be young people (various categories) in the 3 cities – Dublin, Sofia and Cracow.  We will also consider less detailed focus groups with students in London when we have some initial results next year.


At a seminar for Doctoral and Post doctoral students , our colleagues – including Professor LoBianco – gave some insights into their research relining to Multilingualism.

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