E11 Research Strand 3: “Identities in Urban Contexts: the European multilingual city”  Meeting  in  Kraków

E11 Research Strand 3: “Identities in Urban Contexts: the European multilingual city” Meeting  in  Kraków

Seminar 3  for “Identities in Urban Contexts: the European multilingual city”

A third seminar will take place early in the third year of the network.  It will review findings to date, in particular from the small scale Q studies and agree the outlines of the final publication on Urban identities and the outline content of the final conference.


Day 1 morning

– review of the findings to date (reports from each participating institution); report and discussion on the small scale Q studies  Input from findings beyond Europe.

Day 1 afternoon:

– response from experts (Blommaert, Extra, Sachdev, Van der Meer)

– discussion of key themes

Day 2

– planning and agreement on the outlines of the final publication on Urban identities.

Day 3 morning

– presentation and finalisation of outline content and structure of final publication

Day 3 afternoon

-Working session to develop key text and assign tasks for final publication

Day 4 morning

-Summing up and agreement of key elements for input to final conference .

Host country: Belgium
N° of participants: 6 researchers from participating institutions and identified experts


A report was given on further progress and future tasks which will be completed by May


An update on three city reports (not Thessaloniki) was followed by a review of the methodological issues.    It we decided to use the PQM approach for all cities.  A report will be prepared on some of the difficulties encountered and how they were resolved.

The following outline was suggested for each of the city reports –

  • Introduction to City and any general language issues
  • Breakdown of Participants
  • Results
  • Analysis –
    • Description of Discourses including voice of respondents where possible
    • Issues and problems
  • Conclusions
    • Justification of discourse categories
    • Areas of consensus
    • Relationship to original categories
    • Possible relevance to ideas of European identity
  • Further directions
  • References



  • Identities in the global urban space” (working title).

This will be written by Professor LoBianco, making use of the EUROMEC research.  An outline was presented and discussed.    It will be proposed to Springer for publication in 2018.

2)  Report on Research.

It was agreed to publish this on line as a single or separate publications to include –

Overview of Project

State of the Art

Research Approach

City Reports

Conclusions and Connections


The Summer School in D Dublin (July 10-15) will focus on Strand 3 – IDENTITIES in Urban Contexts.    A draft programme was discussed and additional content suggested


A Webinar will take place, probably on May 31.  It will be organised by SOFIA UNIVERSITY and Lid King will chair.   All Strand 3 cities will participate and will give updates on their research.   This to be further updated.

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